HYBMA 2023

Empowering Student Creativity



This year, the Hunter Young Business Minds Awards (HYBMA) have introduced two fresh categories: Design and Technology and Creative Industries. These additions offer Hunter students working on major projects or Personal Inquiry Projects a practical opportunity to bring their ideas to life and the world of industry.

For students undertaking Design and Technology, the Design and Technology category is a golden opportunity to showcase their expertise. Submitting their works and projects to the HYBMA is not just about recognition; it’s about getting the support needed to turn innovative ideas into reality. Winning this category means receiving seed funding that can kickstart projects, turning classroom concepts into tangible products.

Similarly, the Creative Industries category celebrates students’ artistic and creative pursuits. Whether it’s an innovative approach to set design, an artwork, or an entrepreneurial solution to support the creative arts, this category acknowledges the power of creativity across fields. For Visual Arts, Music, Visual Design, Textiles and Design and Drama Studies students, this award offers a steppingstone to take creative projects further, with the potential to secure resources or collaborate with professionals.

The awards night, due to be held on November 15, is more than just a ceremony; it’s an opportunity for students to connect with local professionals who have already made their mark. It’s a chance to network and seek advice, bridging the gap between classroom projects and real-world applications. Even the venue, the Q Building, adds an exciting dimension. As the entrepreneurial hub of Newcastle, it’s the perfect place to showcase projects and make connections. This is a unique chance for students to present their work in a dynamic environment, preparing them for potential interactions with local industry leaders.

In a nutshell, the new Design and Technology and Creative Industries categories of the HYBMA provide a practical pathway for students to turn their ideas into something real. Whether it’s designing a new product or showcasing a creative project, these categories offer recognition, funding, and a platform to connect with industry experts. It’s not just about winning an award; it’s about taking a step closer to a future where their ideas can make a difference.

Entries close on October 9.