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The Official Naming Sponsor of the 2018 Ampcontrol Hunter Young Business Mind Awards

Harvey Norman - Major Sponsor Ampcontrol Hunter Young Business Mind Awards 2018

Major Sponsor - Best Learning Experience encouraging creativity, innovation or entrepreneurialism in the school or classroom.


Category Sponsor: Innovative business ideas and solutions from STEM.

Newcastle Airport

Category Sponsor: Best idea for a product, service or business from a Young Indigenous student.


Category Sponsor: Business, product or service idea from student in the Creative Industries.


Category Sponsor: Social Enterprise ideas created by Hunter students.

Hunter Young Business Mind - Business Supporters 2018

Hunter Young Business Minds - The Beginnings

In 2017 we took the first steps to energise the Hunter regions next generation of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Driven by the Hunter regions Local Chambers of Commerce and business leaders who saw the importance of igniting and building greater relationships and connections between industry, business, educators, parents and young people, the inaugural Hunter Young Business Mind Awards (HYBMA) in 2017 were the first steps in validating a program to connect and energise our regions next generation of leaders.


The 2017 Outcomes


We Got Connected

Greater connections and relationships were formed between business, industry and the regions educators, parents and youth.

Ideas To Life

New Business Created

Next generation creators and innovators were identified and supported to bring their ideas, innovations and business ideas to life.


Business Helped Out

There was a bank of businesses and companies identified, from around the region, who supported the awards program and wanted to continue supporting and being part of it into the future.

Future Proofed

We Have A Team

An energetic team of business and industry leaders, who are now ready to take the Young Business Mind Awards program to the next level, joined the team.

“The awards were a great opportunity to meet and form friendships with other young innovators from around the region. The support and opportunities after the awards night have helped us to make new contacts and learn a lot more about bringing our business to life.”

Tyler Read - Orchard School Systems, HYBMA 2017 Runner Up

"Congratulations on the event and project! Honestly, I was awe inspired by the remarkable achievements being recognised. I am so proud of Varley Group for getting in on the ground floor, we really must support our future entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders. Well done to the Hunter Young Business Mind Awards team!"

Janet Dobbie - HR Manager, Varley Group, HYBMA Business Supporter 2017

"Newcastle Senior School's winning of the Hunter Young Business Minds award in 2017 for our "Chances" program has validated the achievements gained by our students through the program and provided recognition to all involved in making the program such a success.”

Terri Scott - Assistant Principal, Newcastle, Senior School HYBMA 2017 - 1st Place in school/classroom award

“Extraordinary technological change is creating many exciting opportunities for the next batch of young business minds. Acknowledging the best and brightest is critical to the future success of the Hunter region and the Hunter Young Business Mind Awards does just that.”

Tim Cotter - Regional Manager, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

“Harvey Norman was thrilled to be a part of this program. Harvey Norman is built on entrepreneurship and showing initiative in a challenging environment, so it’ stands to reason we need more people with great ideas.”

Nick Swanson -  Proprietor, Harvey Norman, AV/IT Maitland Superstore, HYBMA Major Sponsors 2017

2018 & Beyond

The Hunter Young Business Mind Awards team, along with our supporters, are working towards the program playing an important role in engaging our NextGens in the ongoing transformation and make-up of the Hunter economy and its society. In playing this role our team will deliver programs which:

Encourage New Ideas

Stimulate innovation, generate new entrepreneurial initiatives, and tap the potential of our young people to generate new ideas to benefit society and our communities

Champion Contribution

Celebrate our youth for identifying a problem, coming up with a solution and then having the confidence to present their ideas and solutions to others.

Continue Connecting

Build and maintain stronger connections and relationships between business, industry, educators, parents to support our NextGen innovators and creators.

What's New In 2018

New Categories For Entry

The awards program has been expanded creating more opportunities for our NextGen creators and innovators to share their creations, solutions and business ideas. Categories include:

  • STEM
  • Young Indigenous Entrepreneur
  • Creative Industries, and
  • Social Enterprise

More Opportunities for Business To Get Invovled

This years awards program will see more opportunities for business, industry, government and community organisations to be involved and supporting the program outcomes.