Hunter Young Business Mind Awards

How do we help bring young people’s ideas to life?


We live in unprecedented times. Change is always part of the human condition but technology has accelerated life in unimaginable ways. In 1993, Mosiac popularised the Internet. Facebook landed in 2004, Instagram in 2010. There is not a high school student alive today who has experienced life without the Internet or social media.

We are in the middle of a revolution. The middle. Which means that we don’t know what jobs will be created tomorrow. The political, educational and technological structures of our society are rapidly changing. Many industries and jobs have died. We don’t even know if we will be driving our own cars in 5 years.

The Hunter Young Business Minds Awards was created to help young people bring their great ideas and products to life. Most of the committee members are older than 35. So what would we be able to offer our youth you may ask? Plenty. We are the bridge between the old world and the new. We are mentors for our future leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents.

Whilst technology has created incredible opportunities, the core people skills of communication, relationship building and resilience have been challenged. Many young people are looking for guidance on how to communicate their dreams and passions and make some bucks in the new economy.

Our committee members have lived through significant change and challenges. We have lived in the old world and the new. Here at Young Business minds, we are deeply committed to helping our youth step up and take centre stage in these transformative times.

Melanie Nicholson – Young Business Mind Inc Director