The 2019 Hunter Young Business Mind Awards is aimed at empowering our next generation of Creators and Innovators.


The inaugural Hunter Young Business Mind Awards (HYBMA) in 2017 were the first steps in creating a program to connect and energise the next generation of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders in our region.

The concept was driven by the Hunter region's Local Chambers of Commerce and business leaders who saw the importance of building greater relationships and connections between industry, business, educators, parents and young people.

The initiative was supported by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business through their Hunter Futurepreneurs Program.

Now in its third year, the HYBMA has already unearthed lots of creative thinking and great ideas, some with genuine commercial potential.

Whether you ENTER or SUPPORT HYBMA, you'll be helping to build the future of our region.

Governance and delivery of the awards program and related initiatives is under the auspices of Young Business Minds Inc, a registered Not for Profit organisation.

Meet the team

Our Management Committee is made up of experienced members of the business community. Their combined skills and experience include every aspect of working in organisations at management and board level, within government, industry, corporate, small business and start-up enterprises.

Cheryl Royle (Chairperson)

CEO, Finer Line Pty Ltd and Hunter Entrepreneurship Facilitator

Bob Hawes

CEO, Hunter Business Chamber

Melanie Nicholson

Business Owner, The Balanced Brain

Cassandra Kavanagh

Little Big Boss (CEO), Rethink Group

Suzie Leask

Associate Director, Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors

Adrian Collins

TAFE Services Manager, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

John Sayhoun

Vice President, Mid Coast Business

Fiona McNabb

Business Development Manager, Career Links